The Journey Ends / The Journey begins

So I’ve made it to LA! Really about a week ago, but I had to take a hiatus to get myself together….physically and mentally. The past few days have been pretty crazy. Two days after I rolled into town I had to traverse the Los Angeles traffic and the  UCLA campus (got a little lost but made it to class on time). I didn’t have anything prepared for class because my computer wasn’t set up yet. I thought I would put forth an effort and bring a notebook to class….but i forgot to bring a pen. Luckily the woman sitting next to me was kind enough to lend me a pen…which I then broke halfway through the class. I owe her one. To top it off, the long trip through the mountains must have awakened some latent problems in the car that i got from Texas. Nothing too major, but in between errands to go look for furniture and household essentials I noticed small, oily puddles  on the concrete where I parked. I kept an eye on it for a couple of days and determined that it was transmission fluid. As I said it was nothing major,…got it taken care of in a day,to the dismay of my wallet, and as you can imagine, I wasn’t too happy about that situation. On the plus side, I’ve taken my room from a chaotic mess to a place where i can actually get some work done. We found some excellent deals on some living room furniture in case we have any wild parties…lol,  and It’s warming up here in Cali. When we got here the weather wasn’t much different than Tennessee’s. Although now, I don’t envy my TN people…stay safe in the sleet and ice.

A classmate of mine who teaches meditation to inner-city kids told me that all that i have been through on this trip is a good thing because I’ve gotten all of my bad luck out of the way. I am inclined to agree. Maybe it was all just a bad karma-purge. All of my bad karma balancing itself out and now I’m on a level playing field (not sure if it works like that but let’s just say it does). Going forward, I’ll have to adjust my plans a bit because the expenses from the gas-guzzling moving truck and a few of the other issues have skewed my budget projections for the next few months. All in all, I should be fine and  I am happy to be here. It feels different that I expected. I guess because after all of my wanting to be here for the past couple of years, it is still nowhere close to feeling like “home” yet. Making it here is definitely not the end to my journey by any means. I don’t have a job, and I’m still trying to find my way, and my place in my career and in the city. I’ve come to realize that it’s just going to take time…maybe longer than I thought in my head, to find my footing here, meet people of similar interests, and start to find out what shape my life in California will take. But being here is half the battle. A tremendous weight has been lifted from me…and a few more added.  I’ll have to be positive, proactive, and take life as it comes. I’m in Cali Baby!….the conquest begins. Oh,and if you live in LA and I know you in the slightest i will be hitting you up soon lol. Expect it. Anyway, Stay tuned for more posts and some video of this part of the journey in the coming week. Thanks for reading. Come back.


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