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Ellis E. Fowler is an award-winning television and film actor whose credits include Tyler Perry’s Sistas, Grownish, All American: Homecoming, General Hospital, A Christmas for Mary, and more.
Ellis is also a writer and has written a highly rated novel series, The Dead Man Chronicles, as well as television pilots, award-winning short screenplays, and an acclaimed book on goal setting: Realize your Resolutions.
An alum of the University of Memphis, Ellis moved to Los Angeles from Tennessee in early 2013. He holds bachelor’s degrees in film and broadcast journalism. 
In addition to acting and writing, Ellis is a video editor/motion graphics specialist and a Director of Photography. 
He also helps others become their best selves as a fitness trainer and life coach. A true jack of all trades who prides himself on achieving a level of mastery in all that he does, Ellis has a passion for storytelling through the pen, the lens, or through his own expression of character. 




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