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Everything Wrong with Starbucks

This may be off the beaten path of my usual posts but I’ve to get this off of my chest. I hate Starbucks! There I said it…Well obviously it’s not an “I hate it so much that I’d never go there”, type of hate. I actually enjoyed that eggnog latte…

The Health Pros and Cons of Pokemon Go

We could discuss why a grown man is writing about a game he should have been done with after middle school, OOR we can talk about how the new Pokemon Go app is a revolutionary advancement in the health and gaming industries and how, as a fitness professional, it is…

Peace amid the Chaos

In life it often seems like chaos is the norm, and peace has to be claimed, fought for, Won. And I’m not just talking about physical peace as in the opposite of war, I’m talking about inner-peace. The type of peace that allows you to get a full-night’s sleep despite…


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I’m a person who likes to have answers. But in the wake of the recent shootings I’ve felt numb, helpless. No solutions. I hate it. But I feel like I have to say something. It’s what I do. Express myself with words. But it seems like every phrase nowadays inflames someone….

Love > Division

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I had a blog post all set and ready last week, but it didn’t seem appropriate or relevant given the horrific and tragic event that occurred in Charleston South Carolina. It made me want to say something profound on the topic, but none of it felt right. I don’t have…