The Dead Man Chronicles

The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear

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Ellis E. Fowler
Derek Willows lives in fear. He's afraid of the crime families that call on him to use his access as a reporter for their sinister plans. He's afraid that his family will be ripped apart, that he'll end up dead, like his father. 
But fear is a luxury he can no longer afford. 
When the sadistic crime lord, the Viper kidnaps his pregnant wife. Derek turns to his city's superhero vigilante, the Dead Man for help. 
But disaster strikes. 
Now the hero is dying, and Derek has to assume the mantle of the Dead Man to save the ones he loves.
Aided by cutting-edge technology and an unexpected ally, Derek must uncover the mystery of the Dead Man's past, and protect his city from a plot that would destroy his family, his future, and the Dead Man's Legacy.

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What are people saying?

"The plot was great, and I did not see the twist coming..."

- Stephanie Parent, Writer and Editor

"The tone had me on a roller-coaster at parts because of the action, fear of danger,and the unknown. Also I believe this is a part of a series and I would definitely want to read the next book."

-Sharell Porter, avid reader and fitness coach

"The story is definitely a fun read. It’s a great story... The plot and overall story flow like an action movie."

- August, Writer and Producer

About the author

Ellis Fowler is an actor, fitness trainer, and award-winning filmmaker from Clarksville, Tn. His passion for writing started early in life, with his first published work showcased in the 1998 Teacher’s Selection Anthology of Poetry.

He graduated from the University of Memphis with degrees in filmmaking and Broadcast Journalism, and studied screenwriting at the UCLA extension.

He has written several blog posts and short screenplays, and enjoys watching and reading science fiction of all types.

He draws a lot of inspiration from properties like Star Trek and a variety of comic book series, and is drawn to stories about the triumph of the underdog. Ellis prides himself on trying to contribute more diversity to the genre, and has a desire for everyone to see themselves represented in stories of all media.

For blogs, updates, and other projects visit:                  Instagram: @TheEllisFowler