Recent Work

Below is a selection of some recent videos I’ve worked on in various categories

A unique and fun animation/live action hybrid video I edited for Chris Silcox’s Youtube channel. I edited the video, composited the live-action greenscreen footage and animated clips, and did some motion graphics and sound design for this project. I did not create the animations, 

A Social Media Ad that I edited for the company Cabau. I cut the video and added the hand drawn effects to give it an authentic “stories” feel that was trending at the time. 

A long-form youtube video I edited for Spidey fit. A Youtuber with over 900k subscribers. This video has been viewed over 1 million times. I cut the video together, did the sound editing, as well as created the spider-man themed motion graphics for the opening 

A BTS promo video I edited for Shadoworld entertainment’s artist Tiec Tocc. 

A long-form YouTube video I edited for my personal youtube channel. 

A corporate promotional video I edited for VU Digital Media showcasing their new video bench technology. I also provided the Voiceover for this project.

Motion Reel

This reel is admittedly a little bit dated, as I’ve been focusing more on acting and freelancing lately, but it still shows a range of what I am capable of in Premiere and After Effects. Just know that I’ve only improved since this was created  😉

Contact / Get a quote

I like to be as upfront as possible with how I price my services, There are two ways I typically charge. 

Hourly which is ~ $45 an hour

With this billing method, I give you a project estimate based on the project and then track hours as I go giving you ample updates as we approach the project estimate so we can adjust accordingly. 



With this method, I charge a flat rate for the project and include a set, limited number of revisions


Contact me with information about your project and I’ll follow up with questions and a quote!

My FIlms

My Acting Reel

My acting reel that I cut together myself. I also have a couple of alternate versions for casting sites. 


I spent some time freelancing for a professional actor reel company and learned some valuable tips and tricks. 


Contact me for your acting reel needs.