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guest post

A Guest-Post from Mom

It’s mother’s day! And in honor of my mother, I’m sharing a guest – post of some writing that she did a few years back. My mother is a lover

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Career Related

Memphis Movement: A Labor of Love

So you’ve probably seen my posts or ads about my documentary film Memphis Movement: Jookin’ the Urban Ballet this week. I’m really excited to finally be able to share it with

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Big Dreamers

Birthday Letter to a Younger Me

Significant times of the year always make me contemplative. I usually pour my thoughts into my personal journal which only myself and a few others have ever seen. But this

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Gratitude Graphic
Big Dreamers

The POWER of Gratitude

I’m not going to get all preachy about Thanksgiving. Like all holiday’s its origin has its pros and cons and it’s “All in good Fun”. Hell, who doesn’t want a

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The law of the Struggle blog
Big Dreamers

The Law of the Struggle

I hate the saying “everything happens for a reason.” “Who’s reason?” and “How do you know this?” are my immediate thoughts. I don’t like to think that there is a

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peace amid the chaos-Blog

Peace amid the Chaos

In life it often seems like chaos is the norm, and peace has to be claimed, fought for, Won. And I’m not just talking about physical peace as in the

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#YourlifeMatters Your Life Matters
Current Events


I’m a person who likes to have answers. But in the wake of the recent shootings I’ve felt numb, helpless. No solutions. I hate it. But I feel like I have

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