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Current Events


I’m a person who likes to have answers. But in the wake of the recent shootings I’ve felt numb, helpless. No solutions. I hate it. But I feel like I have

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Be Resolved
Big Dreamers


Do you choose your dreams or do they choose you? Whatever the answer, there is only one way to make sure that they become reality and that is to be RESOLVED to seeing

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Blog on inner-dialogue

4 ways to shut the F#@% up!

Sometimes you talk too much! In your head that is. Sometimes your inner-dialogue can be  limiting, self -deprecating, and even defeating. If that voice in your head has ever told

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Get out of Your Way!

Audio version:  So a couple of weeks ago I hurt myself, and honestly, It’s because I wasn’t following my own advice. Don’t be like me. Follow my advice unquestioningly…j/k :-D.

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J.T. Slimcutta's

J.T. Slimcutta’s EP Promo Videos

Check out these videos that I shot and edited for my Best friend J.T. Slimcutta’s New EP “Allow me to Reintroduce Myself”. Available NOW on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google

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process over process blog ellis fowler

PROCESS over Progress

  Audio version (unedited): If you’re a person who gets discouraged by what you can’t seem to ever get done: that weight you haven’t lost, that book you haven’t written etc.

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