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Peace amid the Chaos

In life it often seems like chaos is the norm, and peace has to be claimed, fought for, Won. And I’m not just talking about physical peace as in the opposite of war, I’m talking about inner-peace. The type of peace that allows you to get a full-night’s sleep despite…


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I’m a person who likes to have answers. But in the wake of the recent shootings I’ve felt numb, helpless. No solutions. I hate it. But I feel like I have to say something. It’s what I do. Express myself with words. But it seems like every phrase nowadays inflames someone….


Do you choose your dreams or do they choose you? Whatever the answer, there is only one way to make sure that they become reality and that is to be RESOLVED to seeing them through. No plan B. Go all in. While it doesn’t keep me up at night, this question often plays…

4 ways to shut the F#@% up!

Sometimes you talk too much! In your head that is. Sometimes your inner-dialogue can be  limiting, self -deprecating, and even defeating. If that voice in your head has ever told you ” you’re not ready” “it’s too big for you” “it’s too scary” “you’ll never finish” etc. I want to give…

Get out of Your Way!

On June 22, 2016, Posted by , in advice, goal setting, goals, Into My Mind, Personal Development, With 1 Comment

Audio version:  So a couple of weeks ago I hurt myself, and honestly, It’s because I wasn’t following my own advice. Don’t be like me. Follow my advice unquestioningly…j/k :-D. But this mild injury made me realize how easy it is to put progress over process, even if you think…

J.T. Slimcutta’s EP Promo Videos

On June 15, 2016, Posted by , in Editing, Journey, Music, With No Comments

Check out these videos that I shot and edited for my Best friend J.T. Slimcutta’s New EP “Allow me to Reintroduce Myself”. Available NOW on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play! We shot it at CAC studios in Santa Monica. One Cam, no additional lighting. We were really going for…

PROCESS over Progress

  Audio version (unedited): If you’re a person who gets discouraged by what you can’t seem to ever get done: that weight you haven’t lost, that book you haven’t written etc. Shift your perspective and be more effective with the concept of PROCESS over Progress. Process over Progress means Shifting your focus…

4 Ways to Recover Your Resolutions

It’s the Middle of the year! If you’re like me you’re looking at the month and wishing you could pause time for a year or two. But June is here, and there’s not much (read: NOTHING) you can do about it. So you started your year with these great ideas,…

I cut my Hair! (with Video)

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Well, I did it. The big chop.It’s hard to believe that after over 5 years I finally cut it. Originally I started growing my hair to try out a new look. And I loved it. As it began to grow I fell in love with the journey and the ever-changing…

BIDR Screening!

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Yes! We are having a Screening this Friday for my latest film: Birthday in a Dark Room. It is a coming of age story about a young man dealing with change, self doubt and a future that is both bright and a bit foreboding. A very artistic and excellent film….