Plot Summary:

On his wedding day, Eric Fuller tries to clear his conscience and break things off with his secret lover Sarah, but she’s not ready to let him go. 

This near-future Sci-Fi drama explores love, letting go, and how the technology of today will affect the relationships of tomorrow.

#Anniversary is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit.

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Director’s statement

I wrote and directed #Anniversary because I love Sci-Fi and movies that make us think about where we are as a society and where we are headed.

This film explores how relationships could be affected in a world where everything we do is just data that can be collated, interpreted, and sold back to us in ways that may seem beneficial on the surface, but may prove detrimental to how we interact with the real world around us.

It is fiction, but something that I believe isn’t that far-fetched or far off.

#Anniversary is the second fiction film that I’ve taken from the page to the screen, and the second opportunity I’ve had to bring more representation to a genre that historically severely lacks it.

I love science fiction and I love how stories set in a time and place a little bit removed from our own can make us think profoundly about the here and now.

Thanks for your time and interest, and I hope you enjoy #Anniversary.