Sorry for Ghosting you

So It’s been over a year since I posted a blog or sent out a newsletter. *Sigh*

Cancel the missing person’s report ( hey I’m still active….ok… semi-active…on Instagram)

I just had a very busy, very productive and very up and down year in 2019.

Among the highlights:

  • I secured new acting representation with Irv Gelb Management and the PureFlare Talent Agency, resulting in some of the biggest auditions of my career
  • I wrote, directed, and acted in my newly-completed short film #Anniversary … And because you’re reading this you’ll get the first look at the trailer here! Before it’s officially released

Last year I learned a lot about living the law of attraction and trusting God to have my back when I couldn’t see a predictable outcome.

I struggled financially, leaving a job that I once loved because it was past time to move on, and having another job I was falling in love with shut down unexpectedly. I found a new passion coaching and taking workouts at F45. What a year!

I’m excited for what’s to come! For the first time in a while I feel like my circumstances are such that I can maximize the opportunities before me. My 7th year anniversary😮 of being in Los Angeles just passed, and whew has it been a journey.

Living a creative life is not easy by any means! It’s rewarding, but not at all a breeze. Perseverance is key and I believe my patience and actions are going to continue to bear fruit this year in a major way.

I hope things are well with you! And I hope to stay a little more connected this year. So keep your eye open for an email or two. I wish you the best in all you do this year and that blessings will flow your way. Great things are on the horizon for you. Have a great day!

Ps: If you’re looking for guidance and motivation to help achieve your goals this year check out my book Realize your Resolutions on Amazon and crush it this year! It’s never too late to get in gear!

Realize your Resolutions
Setting and Sticking to Goals for the New Year and Beyond

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