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It’s mother’s day! And in honor of my mother, I’m sharing a guest – post of some writing that she did a few years back. My mother is a lover of words, a poet, and a deep thinker.  I’m grateful for this time to honor and acknowledge the person who made me who I am today. Who, along with my father, shaped my mind into the creative and analytical tool I use to share my thoughts and visions with the world. She continues to be a powerhouse of love and encouragement in my life. Here’s to you mom! Keep on writing and don’t be afraid to share that beautiful mind of yours with us all. I love you. Happy Mother’s day!



By: Adella Fowler


Why is it that we always say, “When I have time I’m going to do this or that?”

When time is not our ally…friend nor foe

We waste more time saying what we will do than we actually spend time doing.


Time waits for no one. It just keeps ticking on and on, and on. With no concern for what we think or do.


It keeps a steady beat, marching throughout our lives and long after we’ve journeyed through this life.



We live as if time owes us a favor…that it will stay at bay until we’re ready.


Time waits for no one. It just keeps ticking on and on, and on. With no concern for what we think or do.


It keeps a steady beat, keeping track of our hours, making sure of every second spent.


For we’ve all been given a valued amount to live…being billed with a balance due.

The knowledge of this receipt cannot be paid in advance. Only by COD…(Cause of Death).


Our time on earth is not eternal. For one day it must end.

So stop with our wishful thinking that TIME is on our side.




We need to make TIME for all the things we want to do, dream to do, dare to do.


TIME is not our ally…friend or foe.


Who can say what tomorrow will bring…for we don’t know what will happen or what will occur. It could be sickness or even death itself…no one has power in the day of death.


We cheat ourselves when we procrastinate and put off doing things…life can come at you really fast sometimes and change or even disable you from doing anything at all.


When that happens, we begin to live in the world of, If I could have“, “I would have“, “I should have“…but then it’s too late.


Don’t let “TIME” march up on you without knowing you’ve done all that you’ve wanted to do in this life.


Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, merciful, forgiving, encouraging, compassionate…but most of all walk in Love…in words and in deeds.

 Let people know that you love them. say it, and say it often…they don’t know unless you tell them.


-15 June 2013


Thanks for sharing Mom.

To my readers, Great things are on the horizon for you. Take care.

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