Book 2 Available Now!

It’s Here! Book 2 of the Dead Man Chronicles Series! The culmination of 5 long months of constant work. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I hope you enjoy!


To celebrate I’m doing a limited time super sale on the Kindle ebook versions to get some exposure for my work and you’ll benefit.

Book 1 TDMC: FEAR is FREE and Book 2, TDMC: RIFT is only $.99!


In a day or two prices will go back up to their regular $2.99 so get yours today!

If you want more info on the story Check out my book 1 author Q&A and my Book 2 Author Q&A


You can also check out the book trailers below.


Thanks so much for stopping in. If you enjoy the books, be sure to write a review on Amazon. Thanks again and take care!

Book 1 Book trailer:


Book \2 Book Trailer:

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