TDMC: RIFT – Book 2 Update!

I know I’ve been quiet in internet- land lately, but I’ve been working hard on book 2 of the Dead Man Chronicles and it’s on the way!

I don’t have an official release date set just yet. But I’m eyeing early November, as I don’t want to compete with the holiday season too much. I’m giving you a sneak peek at part of the cover and one of the villains!

TDMC: Rift Reaper
The Dead Man Chronicles Book 2 villain?

In book 2, I’m introducing a couple of new characters and bringing back some old ones. I listened to the fans and have expanded the role of a couple of favorites from book 1.


You’ll get to see Howard Lance, the original Dead Man a lot more, as Derek Willows struggles to deal with life and love after having tasted the life of the vigilante Dead Man.


There’s more mystery, complicated romance, and of course, it’s action-packed!


All in all this has been a fun and challenging experience. TBH, I don’t know if I have it all “right”, but I’m excited about what I’ve come up with and I know you will enjoy it too!


Writing this second installment has had its fair share of challenges. As a writer new to the novel format, (I’m classically trained in screenwriting lol) and also new to sequels, there were a lot of unexpected issues that presented themselves and I’ll definitely be detailing some of those challenges in a future blog.

If you haven’t already read Book 1- The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear. Get in now on Amazonin E-book or Paperback format. I should be releasing an audiobook version very soon!

If you have read Book 1, please go to Amazon and write a review. It would be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance!

Book and ebook- The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear
Book and ebook- The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear

Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks for more information as the release date draws near!

This year has been zoooooming by! My goals list from 2016 is closing in on me, but I have a lot of things in the works you’ve probably heard me mention before that I will be tackling with reckless abandon in 2018! A new series of books and more! Thank you so much for your interest and support! I hope you are well. Great things are on the horizon for you! Take care.


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