Do you choose your dreams or do they choose you? Whatever the answer, there is only one way to make sure that they become reality and that is to be RESOLVED to seeing them through. No plan B. Go all in.

While it doesn’t keep me up at night, this question often plays itself in the back corner’s of my mind:


Are the ultimate desires we have something that we create purely of ourselves, or are they  gifted to us by The Universe, because we are somehow specifically equipped to make them come true? (comment: what do you think?)



As much I’d love to have the answer, I don’t think the answer is all that important. What matters is that if you feel a tug on your being to pursue a course of action, you must accept within yourself that no matter the source, these desires to express yourself creatively, or to give of yourself  to the world somehow, are an essential part of your purpose here. And the only way to see them come to fruition is to be RESOLVED to putting in the work, surviving the struggle, and going forward unwaveringly.


OK, follow me here.

RESOLVE — to come to a definite or earnest decision about.


                                 DEFINITE — known for certain; sure.


So we can say that to be RESOLVED is to decide to be Certain and Sure about a course of action. And certainty does not imply maybe, room for error, giving up, or half-assedness.


In my last blog 4 ways to shut the F#@% up! I talked about ways to quiet your inner-dialogue and self doubt. That’s so important to us as dreamers because self-doubt will pop up at every opportunity, to make us reconsider the path we have chosen. But being RESOLVED puts all that doubt to rest. Because you are deciding to act in spite of it.


When I first moved to LA, I  had a 2 year plan. I was supposed to move here, take a few  classes, make some contacts, land a commercial or 2, maybe small PAYING roles in a couple of films, get a great agent or manager that would help push me along, and at least be well-established in my career.


Be resolved image 2
Finn in Star wars the Force Awakens (Lego Version)

That wasn’t me in Star Wars:  THE FORCE AWAKENS ….So NO….that didn’t quite happen.


What happened instead was my car broke down on the way here so I  messed up my budget. I was working 3 jobs within 4  months of moving. I was taking classes and making contacts but finances were a bigger concern. I worked on the Queen Latifah show for a year which was a HUGE blessing but meant I wan’t working with acting or writing much. I did get an agent and I  have had paying roles, however, now in year 3, I still wouldn’t consider myself “established” in the way that I imagined before I moved.


This made me start to doubt my path. I came all the way across the U.S. to pursue what I felt was a calling but it didn’t happen according to my timeline. Was it time to pack up and leave? Did I make a big mistake?

I really struggled with these thoughts.


Then around the end of lasts year I attended an acting class taught by actress TashaTasha-Smith-102110 Smith and she was talking about this Idea of being RESOLVED. It made me realize that if this yearning in my soul to pursue a certain passion was real.whether it was gifted to me or somehow fabricated by me, I shouldn’t base the pursuit of my dream on the expectations of my finite mind. On the unpredictability of situations and circumstances. I needed to instead become resolute. To make it up in my mind to roll with the punches, because everything won’t go according to my plans, that’s life.


We as dreamers may often question if we are on the right path with our lives, but honestly…don’t you know?? … If you are pursuing your dreams don’t you feel it in your spirit that it’s right?? Maybe your bank account doesn’t say so, maybe your parents don’t think so but what does your spirit say?? If you aren’t on your path how do you feel? like there’s something else you should be doing?? something more??  YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR ANSWER!


I may not know where dreams come from, but I do have a strong belief that if you make up your mind and become RESOLVED to seeing a dream manifested, and with that resolution is paired with commitment to work toward that dream consistently. You will 100% GUARANTEED fulfill that dream.


I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s what I believe. With this you have to realize that

A: Fulfilling your dream may not look 100% like you thought it might. It may not come with all of the bells and whistles, you imagined. It may not happen in the location, age range, or even industry you thought it might,

B: Circumstances and setbacks will arise, but a detour is not the end of the journey. A lost battle is not the sum of the War. A challenging situation doesn’t mean your path is wrong.


by continually taking your steps,however slow and small they may sometimes be, you will find yourself on a path that will lead to a place where you are satisfied in your spirit that you have made the right decisions.


That’s what I believe. Be RESOLVED. NO plan B’s. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have another area of study or you can’t have more than 1 passion to pursue. It means that no matter what you do, you  put work and focus into following your heart’s desire. No giving up.


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Great things are on the Horizon for you! until next blog.



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