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If you’re a person who gets discouraged by what you can’t seem to ever get done: that weight you haven’t lost, that book you haven’t written etc. Shift your perspective and be more effective with the concept of PROCESS over Progress.

Process over Progress means Shifting your focus to the Process of what you want to accomplish and not focusing on the progress you expect to seeor the timetable you’ve associated with it.


It’s a simple perspective switch. You’re saying:

“I’m going to concentrate on consistently doing what it takes to get me to the destination, and i’m not going to concentrate on how close or how far away from it I may be.”



Instead of saying “when I have a lot of free time, I’m going to write a book” —  just focus on writing  20 min a day now – the book will come


Instead of saying “Next month, i’m going diet hardcore, bust my ass, and lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks” – incorporate a fun, daily 30 min workout into your life TODAY and gradually alter your diet. the weight will come off and stay off, and your health will continually improve.


Instead of saying ” I should already have the job of my dreams by now”  – put effort into your passions a little everyday – you may find that you create your own dream job.


instead of counting every step, focus on the act of continually climbing—if you keep going, you WILL reach the mountain top


When you focus on the Process, it doesn’t matter how much time you have to dedicate, how small your progress may seem: you commit to taking consistent action toward your goal no matter what. You make it a habit, no, a lifestyle, to incorporate the PROCESS of what you want to do into your daily life. You may have to make sacrifices but you make sure you get it in. Eventually you will find more time, incorporate it more into your life and PROGRESS will come even greater.


We live in a society where everyone wants to see results NOW. with no consistency and minimal effort. So we have “Magical” weight loss pills, 5 day diets, 2 day Detoxes,  apps to make you “super efficient” etc. –.and they never work. At least not long term because there is no mind-set shift there.  It’s a world so focused on quick PROGRESS that it ignores that sometimes it just isn’t that complicated. Sometimes you simply have to put in time and effort consistently and thoroughly.


FALL IN LOVE WITH THE JOURNEY. Find a way to fit in 20 min a day. 30 min every other day. any amount of time that is realistic and consistent to work on your goals. This is the PROCESS. You have that time now. whats the point in waiting until you have “more time?” Waiting is time wasted.


On a related note, I’m reminded of a great quote I heard


Anyone can get fired up and inspired for 2 weeks and say they’re going to take over the world, lose 1000 pounds, or write a novel, but what happens when that inspiration fades. You look at the PROGRESS you’ve made in that 2 week period and think “damn I haven’t gotten very far” then you get discouraged,burnt out, you start to take less action, and you stop pursuing it at all. That is the way of the amateur.

The professional, at any discipline, puts in time almost everyday to perfect their sport, craft,or art. even if they’re not particularly “inspired”.  It should Be the PROCESS that not necessarily “INSPIRES” you but DRIVES you to put in consistent action. This action will grant you PROGRESS over and over again.




  • focus on consistency. And regularly (read: daily or close to it) putting in even small amounts of effort into the Process of acheiving your desired goal
  • Set longer intervals for measuring progress. Progress checks and deadlines are important, but set longer, very realistic deadlines for yourself. Short deadlines are meant to push you, which is great, but can be discouraging if life interrupts you and you make slower than expected progress. If “Steady” progress is the norm, any burst of productivity is an added bonus.
  • Realize that accomplishing a goal isn’t a race or a rush. Fall in love with the journey.
  • Remember that Inspiration is for amateurs. Anyone can be inspired for a week. A professional puts in consistent effort even if he/she doesn’t feel like it.
  • Know that when you are consistent with the process, Progress is inevitable
  • PUT MAXIMUM EFFORT INTO YOUR PROCESS. if it’s writing for 20 min a day or working out for 30, GO HARD, give it all you’ve got in that time period.


I tried not to be too wordy here but I had a lot to get across. I hope this makes sense and helps you to shift your perspective if you are focusing on the progress you don’t see just yet. Shift your focus to being consistent with the process and all will come.Comment with any questions or opinions.  Great things are on the horizon for you! until next blog.




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  1. Nice blog. Really good advise. That’s exactly how I got my book done, a little bit at a time. Every thing we do takes a little patience.

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