J.T. Slimcutta’s EP Promo Videos

Check out these videos that I shot and edited for my Best friend J.T. Slimcutta’s New EP “Allow me to Reintroduce Myself”. Available NOW on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play!

We shot it at CAC studios in Santa Monica. One Cam, no additional lighting. We were really going for a backstage, reality, gritty feel which I accentuated by adding some grain, contrast and muting the colors a bit.

I also added some lighting effects,  2.5D text to integrate with the footage via camera tracking, and I also did a little rotoscoping. I may have been a little heavy handed with the color grading, but I like the overall look and feel as it fits the vision and is an improvement on the stock camera images. I’ve been doing a fair amount of editing, but it’s been a while since i shot and edited a project start to finish so this was pretty refreshing.


J.T. is a talented artist who is coming into his own musically and is definitely worth a listen. Check him out here : Allow me to reintroduce myself EP

Great things are on the horizon for you. Until Next Blog!



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