4 Ways to Recover Your Resolutions

It’s the Middle of the year! If you’re like me you’re looking at the month and wishing you could pause time for a year or two. But June is here, and there’s not much (read: NOTHING) you can do about it.

So you started your year with these great ideas, you made these “resolutions” that you were going to stick to, listed goals you were going to accomplish, but by around March they were already a distant memory. If this sounds like you you’re not alone. According to statisticbrain.com, only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions. But I say to you, YOU do not have to be apart of the 92%! You can recover those resolutions! Here’s a few tips to get you back on track.




Take some time, sit down, and write a journal entry. You don’t have to show anyone, this isn’t third grade. But ask yourself – “why was this particular goal/resolution important to me?” then Answer it.


Next Figure out just where you’ve gone astray and identify how best to course correct for the rest of the year. Maybe you changed jobs, lost a job, had a major schedule change, went through a breakup etc. and it threw you off. That’s cool. It happens. Now ask yourself how you can work your goals around your new job, your new schedule, your new relationship situation or finances. Be honest about your time-management here.


Reacquainting yourself with WHY you made your resolution, identifying and addressing your OBSTACLES, and coming up with a plan to get back on track despite those obstacles will put you back on the path!




I’m not talking about bacon here. I’ll save nutrition for another blog post. I’m talking about “time” Fat. If you’re not consistently taking steps toward your resolutions and goals, what can you “cut out” that will give you more time, energy, or focus to get on your S*!T?


example: In the first part of the year I wanted to write more, so I cut out media consumption during the week, and used the 30 min or so I would take to watch a show, to write daily. I still got to watch my shows, I just saved it for the weekends.


Are you getting caught in a YouTube time-warp, scrolling on Facebook, or watching your 5 must-see shows every other day when you could be writing, practicing, reading, working out? Cut the Fat! or at least rearrange it to make it a reward to putting time in on your goals.




My mantra for the year is PROCESS OVER PROGRESS. I’m going to be writing a lot more on this concept soon, but the key point is to shift your focus to the PROCESS of what you want to accomplish and ignore trying to constantly see the PROGRESS. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t dedicate 2 hours a day to practicing guitar. Practice for 20 min. a day, consistently, and the progression will come.

Go slow and steady…steady is the key here. CONSISTENCY. Don’t think I can’t go to the gym for a whole hour so there’s no use. NO. Get in there, put in 30 min consistently, and the progress is going to come guaranteed. It may not be overnight, dramatic, or as quickly as you’d like, but it adds up over the months and  is so much more effective than doing nothing.




Are your resolutions/Goals on paper? Do you have a vision board or something you can look at daily to remind you of what you really want? Who you really want to be? We sometimes fall off of our goals, not because we don’t “really” want them, but because life gets in the way and we lose focus.

We let less important things sneak in and make themselves look like the top priority. By having your SPECIFIC goals constantly in front of you it will literally remind you of what you are going for and inspire you to take some small daily actions to reach that!


That’s my 2 4 cents. There’s still time to make 2016 YOUR year! Great Things are on the horizon for you! Until next blog.



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