I cut my Hair! (with Video)

Well, I did it. The big chop.It’s hard to believe that after over 5 years I finally cut it.

Originally I started growing my hair to try out a new look. And I loved it. As it began to grow I fell in love with the journey and the ever-changing nature of the process of growing locks. There is a lot of patience involved and I learned a lot about hair-care, big-plus if I ever have a daughter lol. I also loved the feeling of transformation and that’s why i decided to cut it as well. A chance to experience a different look, to see how my demeanor reacts to it and to see the different ways people react to me. On a practical level I wanted to see how I can change the roles that I may be considered for. It’s a new page of possibility and I always love that feeling. The feeling of change and renewal which brings about new paths and possibilities. Anyway it isn’t really that deep. I cut my hair, lol

  • pros:
    -My head is so much lighter.
    -Running, jumping, sit-ups, exercise in genera feels better without my hair whipping everywhere.
    -I like the way i look in collar shirts again. Sometimes my long hair would make me look like my neck was shorter so for pictures this cut is great.
  • Cons:
    -I can no longer relate to the deadlocked community. I saw a woman with dreds the other day and gave her the ” we are kindred spirits look” she didn’t return it, then i remembered oh yeah no more locks lol.
    -Dreds can look awesome in athletic/tough photos.
    -losing that uniqueness that will make people (women) take a second look.
    -probably no more hair-care ads 🙁 Ellis Fowler banner Ad

Haha. Shout out to Eric Daniels for the awesome cut. look him up on the app Style Seat.

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