Your path is your own

In our super-connected “all eyes on me” world, it is so easy to compare yourself to other people, even unintentionally. As you scroll down your timeline you can start to measure yourself in relation to the careers, appearances,  relationships (engagements, babies) and materialistic possessions of your peers. Now, you can claim that you never do this, but I’ll be your truth compass….none of  us are immune to it. 


I’ll admit: I catch myself doing it sometimes in terms of my career. I’ll see a fellow actor or filmmaker  land a big gig/role and I genuinely think “good for you!” but I’m also quietly wondering when my next-level opportunity is coming. Thinking about how I can get “that” same success. But “that” success isn’t the same as “my” success. Let me explain….


I had a revelation the other day; words came to me as plain as someone speaking -> “your path is your own”


I’m not even 100% on that phrasing/grammar, but I didn’t say it. The Universe did.


It’s a reminder that your life is 100% unique and specific to you. In all of it’s highs and lows, it is your adventure to have, and this journey should be cherished. Even if you see someone around you or someone similar to you have immense success from seemingly little effort. Even if your neighbor is a trust-fund baby on vacation 98% of the year and you can barely make the rent working 3 jobs.


It’s totally irrelevant to you, because that’s not you. Your life is the path that you are on, and you should be 100%  focused on what your next step is on your own path. You don’t have to be complacent with where you are, but you should be focused on reaching the peak of your own mountain, achieving your own success whatever that means to you. And it may come 85% (what is it with me and percents today?) slower than it did for your best friend from middle school. Who cares?


Of course you’ll notice other people’s lives, and to some extent you should, you may be able to learn and grow from them. But the danger I see, is that some people begin to let comparisons affect them in their lives. They see friends on FB having loads of fun, or having a great relationship, but they themselves work all of the time or are single, so they begin to build a slow resentment for their own situation. Instead of focusing on:


Why am I working?  —  How am I growing as an individual(to prepare myself for a relationship)? — What is my greater purpose? —

What are the things that I do on a daily basis in service of?


Honestly some people need to leave social media all together. Because as wonderful as it is, it can become a poison in so many ways. A distraction from taking the baby-steps you should be taking daily to reach that next level on your path. If this sounds like you then delete all of your accounts today!…bookmark this blog site though…and my Facebook fan-page… but delete your social media accounts lol!


Do whatever it takes to get and stay focused on your path, so that you don’t veer off of a cliff while you’re not watching the road. 


That’s my two cents on that lol, and hopefully my personal revelation can help you to refocus when you find yourself looking around, instead of looking at the path ahead.


Thanks so much for reading! Great things are on the horizon…for both of us.





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