New Edit: Ahrae: Man’s world Music Video (Viral edition)

It’s not very often I shout out projects that I’m working on or have completed. It’s probably something I should do more often (like blogging in general lol), but this one just dropped and I thought why not share it. This week I was introduced to a talented new musical artist and had the chance to work with Shadoworld Records editing her viral edition music video. This was my first time editing 6k footage shot with a RED Dragon. I know that doesn’t mean a lot to many people but let’s just say the size is about 5x larger than the 1080 HD size we can upload to YouTube. Beautiful footage. I was a little worried about my system’s ability to handle it but it was pretty much a breeze. Shadoworld came to me with a rough cut that needed some finessing. Hours later after tightening some cuts, and adding split screen, subtle motion effects, and color correction we had a product we could all be proud of. It was a pleasure working with Shadoworld CEO Julian Edwards (@Shadoworld4ever ) and director Emileigh Barrett (@WHOISEMILEIGH ). I hope to work with both of them againĀ  in the future. Check it out, and check out Shadoworld. It’s always nice to introduce yourself to new artists out there making it in the game.
Editing Man's World


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