A New Year

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As I reflect on 2013 i must say it has been one of the most eventful years of my life. I experienced some of my highest highs and some of my lowest lows last year. From the joy of finally making the move to LA to all of the hassle that occurred with car trouble along the way…..from the depression of hearing about an unexpected pregnancy, to the joy of seeing my son being  born, I went through it all last year. Well, not all but a hell of a lot. Overall I have to say I am blessed and I have nothing but gratitude for the things that have happened in my life. Let’s have a brief overview.

    • Moved to LA without a job lined up
    • Started screenwriting classes
    • Started meditation classes
    • Started on a new path of spiritual growth
    • Got an internship at Colleen Camp productions
    • Found out I would soon be a father
    • Got my personal trainer’s certification
    • Got a job at LA Fitness
    • Got a job at Abercrombie and Fitch
    • Got a job at 1iota productions
    • Worked on the Voice, the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet,  the James Franco Roast, the Guy’s choice Awards and others
    • Left LA Fitness
    • Got a staff position on the Queen Latifah show
    • Got a superhero character concept drawn out
    • Watched the birth of my son
    • Applied to the DGA’s Assistant Director’s training program…again…(fingers crossed)

Was shown very briefly on syndicated television lol

There is a lot more unmentioned and unmentionable. It’s funny that when I put things down on “paper” like this I can see where I have come from and the progress I have made. Oftentimes when I am living my life in the day to day hustle I look at myself as unaccomplished, focusing only on what I haven’t done and not enough on what I have overcome and where I am heading. I still have MUCH more to strive for and accomplish but I have to remember that things rarely happen overnight. I have a sincere belief that if you go after what you want and truly put your intention behind it, it will manifest in your life. It may take thousands of baby steps and more time than you ever anticipated but it will come. I believe this and I guess I am trying to make my life a living example of this for myself and for my son.  My primary goal this year is twofold: to focus more on the positive things in my life and to obliterate fear and procrastination in order to pursue all aspects of my creative mind. These are blog topics in themselves and they will come. I guess I could say a third goal would be to be more consistent with my blog posts. Well, we shall see lol. Happy New Year! And stay tuned!

PS. Some random things I didn’t accomplish last year

  • Taking a sunglasses case from my living room to the car (yeah it has sat in there almost a whole year)
  • Taking the trash bag full of clothes in my trunk to Goodwill (about 10 months)
  • Mailing my mom the placard she left at my house when she helped me move in last January
  • Getting my Cali license (don’t tell!!!)

It’s crazy how fast a year can pass and even the most mundane of tasks can be left undone. GO GET IT this year! NO EXCUSES! There is NO tomorrow! That was as much for me as it was you. Have a great day.

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  1. I still haven’t got my placard…he forgot to mail it to me. Smh…just keep it now. I got a new placard. The one you got has expired! I don’t need it!
    I’m expecting greater things for you this year….like you mailing Mama Leona her packages. Lol! Lmbo!

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