The Journey: Day 4 part 2


Today was the first day since this trip began that I’ve felt optimistic about it and I’m glad. The Impala (needs a name) ran extremely well and my mom did an awesome job driving the moving truck through the mountains. Jt didn’t get too tired either… I believe he drove longer than he’s ever driven today. Unfortunately we didn’t make it the entire 11 hours to Buckeye, Arizona though, so we are stopped in Holbrook, AZ for the night. Tommorow we will alter the plan and try to push the remaining 10ish hours on to LA.

I’ll bring my mom back to Arizona after the weekend. At this rate I’ll make my first screenwriting class on the 12th. As long as all goes well….and by faith, It will.

On top of that, I’m feeling much better physically…(only a slight cough). I was awed and humbled by the New Mexico landscape. This is my first time driving this far west so I was completely enamored…dangerously trying to snap pictures and video footage out of the passenger window and windshield. Never thought a bunch of rocks and dry grass could make me feel so small, and somehow happy to be alive. Strangely enough, and cliched as it sounds, it put things in perspective, reminding me how blessed I am to be making this trip to go after the things that I want in life and how amazing it is to have excellent family and friends who support me and genuinely want me to do well…Thank you. Here’s to another day of safe travel tommorow. Come back.
– E

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