The Journey : Day 3


Sometimes when it rains it pours…without a storm cloud in the sky. Initially I thought that getting sick before the trip began and being severly delayed the day of was the worst that could happen.Well… about 30 miles out of Amarillo Tx my car suddenly shut off and began smoking from the engine. A tow ride back to Amarillo and an hour at the toyota dealership brought news that the engine is fried…damaged beyond repair. A new engine wouldn’t be worth the money. Ill need another vehicle.

In laymen’s terms something burst causing all of the coolant to be released from the engine and subsequently that killed it…yeah….I’m not a mechanic. Either way, today I look for solutions and pray that things work out favorably. I won’t be making the Grand Canyon this time around. Right now i’ll just be happy to be back on the road soon. Here’s to the journey continuing. Today I want to be with those who think that everything happens for a reason….do you guys mean a good reason? Lol, let’s hope so. Send positive thoughts my way and pray.

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