The Journey: Day one


Amarillo Texas. It’s 5:30 in the morning and I need to be asleep. I arrived at the hotel about an hour ago. Checkout is at 12. Everything went as planned today except for, well…almost everything. The plan was to go to Sears to have them put together and install a car top carrier to my vehicle. The day before they had told us it would take about 45 min. It took about 2 hours.

I swear they had never seen one of these things before. So needless to say the schedule was altered a bit. Then pack -time and a few heartfelt goodbyes…last min downsizing and squeezing micellaneous things into every open nook and cranny…we left about 4 hours past my predetermined ideal leave time thus my current situation. But the drive went well and although my nose has pretty much stopped running, my coughing increased and I barely have a voice between the strain from coughing and singing loudly to stay awake. Haha, but I wager that the further away I get from Memphis the better i’ll feel. Let’s get it.

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