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Meet Ellis

Ellis E. Fowler is an experienced actor based in Los Angeles, CA. He prides himself on taking on roles with complexity and contradiction, making it his goal to bring authenticity to each role. Ellis has a background in comedic and science fiction genres, but loves to tackle dramatic roles with substance in addition to striving to bring humanity and realness to commercial and industrial work. Ellis is currently taking ongoing scene study classes to fine tune his instrumnet and constantly evolve his craft.
Ellis moved to los Angeles from Tennessee in early 2013. He holds bachelor's degrees in film and broadcast journalism. In addition to acting Ellis is a writer and video editor/motion graphics specialist. He also helps others become their best selves as a fitness trainer and life coach. A true jack of all trades who prides himself on achieving a level of mastery in all that he does, Ellis has a passion for storytelling through the pen, the lens or through his own expression of character.
  • Acting Demo Reel (coming Soon)

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